I am just company employee. One day suddenly I got heavy pain in my whole left leg that forced me not to walk. The diagnosis by hospital complex was sciatica by spinal disc herniation. According to doctor I needed complete bed rest. So I had completed bet rest more than 1 week. Of course during this period I could not go to office.

After 1 week rest, my symptom was not changed. So I searched information about spinal disc herniation. After that, I found surprised information! This information was published by a Japanese orthopedist who has many experiences.

  • Spinal disc herniation never makes pain at any portion in body from physiology point of view.
  • Pain on leg and back do not come from spinal disc herniation, it comes from Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS).

This information raised fundamental doubts about my understanding. Moreover there are many raw voices from recovered patients, treatment medical records by this doctor.

I considered this information. After my logical thinking, I trusted this information. Then I visited to this doctor to treat MPS.

After treatment, Most of my pain was gone in short time. Now my pain does not affect my daily life. As a result, the diagnosis by hospital complex, sciatica by spinal disc herniation was different diagnosis from fact.

Surprised thing is that my case may not be rare case. There may be possibility that most of cases make different diagnosis from fact.

The doctor who treated me is sending his medical logic about this sick out to Japanese medical field and patients via internet, media and so on.

Since I am not medical specialist and don’t have ability, I cannot prove his medical logic. However at least I can say that his medical logic improves my disease. I don’t know why, but it seems there is no opinion about his medical logic including both affirmative opinion and adverse opinion. I think medical field and patients need to evaluate his medical logic more.

I established this website to help patients who have the similar symptom to me as one of what I can do. Then I would like to help to make change on understanding about this sick in world wide.

Also if you agree to make change, please put a ‘Proposal‘ into practice. Your action must be trigger for change.

Address of thanks

I would like to use this space to pay my heartfelt respects and gratitude to Dr.Jun Kamo, (Director of Kamo orthopedics hospital) who is leading doctor to try to spread understanding about this disease for ordinary citizens and treated me.

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