Once you got Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS). It’s very difficult to recover by yourself. You may need to visit to hospital, clinic and so on.

Treatment by hospital/clinic (western medical)

Basic treatment is local anesthesia injection at trigger point of Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS) to stop spasm.It is called Trigger point block injection which is totally different from epidural block injection , nerve root block injection for treatment of spinal disc herniation.

Purpose of this treatment is like computer reset. Spasm in muscle will be resolved by local anesthesia, and then lack of oxygen will be resolved. Finally blood circulation will be better. Once after local anesthesia expire time (2-3hours). It will not return to before local anesthesia.

When symptom is very light, even one time injection may be effective. However normally it needs few times.

In case of long time pain, chronic-pain, since brain received pain signal long time, brain became sensitive for pain signal. Sometimes medicine for brain may be used together with Trigger Point Block injection.

Also in case of long time pain, chronic-pain, pain mechanism is not so simple due to involvement of brain mechanism. Method for treatment must be decided depending on each person. Anyway most important thing is to take treatment as early as possible.

Oriental medical

Some of oriental medical clinic such as massage, acupuncture, moxibustion, manipulative treatment consider trigger point treatment. There are many cases to be released from pain.

Personal Treatment

After once treatment at hospital/clinic, you may treat by yourself. The way is massage for lumbar, back, leg and so on by using tennis ball. In ‘Kamo orthopedics hospital website’, there are some video (English) to show method for self massage.

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