Hospital / Clinic for ‘Trigger Point Block Injection’ in Japan

Dr.Kamo introduced doctors who treat by ‘trigger point block injection’ in Japan at health care magazine “WAKASA” on September 2009 that is issued by WAKASA SHUPPAN. Information in this page is quoted from this magazine and translated for foreign patient reference in Japan.

Since this magazine explains many kinds of things about not only pain but also diabetes and so on. I recommend reading this magazine usually.

If possible, I propose you to ask your current family doctor about Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS) according proposal before visit followings doctor. Otherwise consideration about MPS never comes.


  • English translation for hospital / clinic name may not correct.
  • Please confirm language that hospital / clinic accept before your visit.
  • Link to website is added by me. (There is no URL information in magazine)

Principal Japanese Hospital / Clinic for ‘Trigger Point Block Injection’
Hospital / Clinic name Location Telephone number
Sawada orthopedic Hirosaki-city, Aomori-pref. 0172-87-3311
Kimura Pain Clinic Maebashi-city, Gunma-pref. 027-220-1055
Nasuhara Clinic Nagatoro-town, Saitama-pref. 0494-66-2038
Jindaiji Clinic Mitaka-city, Tokyo-pref. 0422-30-7107
At Home Omotesando Clinic Minato-word, Tokyo-pref. 03-3423-3232
Uchiyama orthopedic hospital
Kashiwazaki-city, Niigata-pref. 0257-22-2001
Ogenkide Clinic Mitsuke-city, Niigata-pref. 0258-63-3800
Kamo orthopedic hospital
Komatsu-city, Ishikawa-pref. 0761-24-5565
Gifu orthopedic Gifu-city, Gifu-pref. 058-248-6226
Matsumoto hospital Takashima-city, Shiga-pref. 0740-25-8201
Masuda hospital Sakyo-word, Kyoto-city, Kyoto-pref. 075-781-1171
Ichiyama orthopedic Itami-city, Hyogo-pref. 072-770-7855
Asai clinic Nishinomiya-city, Hyogo-pref. 0798-22-3136
Yoshioka medical clinic Nishinomiya-city, Hyogo-pref. 0798-68-1181
Nishikiori orthopedic hospital Izumo-city, Shimane-Pref. 0853-22-1133
Yamashita Clinic Ooita-city, Ooita-pref. 097-514-5153
* This list doesn’t show all of hospital/clinic for Trigger Point Injection in Japan.

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